Last year Ghost Town #1 and Ghost Town #2 elicited reactions from the artists who submitted their recent films to us. So the programme is being carried on in 2013. Cork, Baku, Bamako, Moscow, all so far away from each other, present forms of desolation and erasure.

Nicolas Carrier

It’s the ghost

2012, 6 mn 15

Shot in the ghost estates of Cork, in southern Ireland, this video explores how children and teenagers re-appropriate these unfinished or partly unoccupied housing estates because of the recession of the 2000s. NC

François Daireaux


2003, 16 mn

Be it installations, photographs or moving images in which public and private places, interiors and exteriors are imbricated, all these zones end up by becoming dovetailed in reality, and telling a fragmented tale, a sort of simulacrum replaced by its own fictional power. Surface was filmed in the oil fields of Baku in Azerbaijan. FD

Lingjie Wang

Flotter dans le noir 

2011, 6 mn 36

A night stroll. A video filmed in Bamako, in Mali, in the Djicoroni Para neighbourhood, with the muezzin’s radiobroadcast call to prayer. Because of a lack of public lighting, the landscape of the street is no longer familiar to us. The whole environment has changed. The houses, surfaces, rubbish, plants, and even the clothes worn by passers-by, all blend into one in the darkness. LW

Matthew Verdon

One thing after another 

2012, 8 mn 30

The work juxtaposes images of an ageing Donald Judd sculpture with a dialogue about biological adaptation, function and vestigial structures. The result is a questioning of the original as well as the role of art in society, the inherent potential or use of physical, social and historical structures and permanence or resistance to change. MV

Yakov Kazhdan

Golden mile

2011, 11 mn

Production Warsaw Museum of Modern Art

Golden mile is a name given to this place by the citizens. The developers don’t like it but it is already become widespread. The film is aimed to display the silence of the place. Shooted from a position of a standing person it shows how this new-modernistic ultra-rich paradise in the heart of Moscow influences the people here. Even the security guys on the street are froozen, while the wind is moving the trees. The film started from the nostalgic moments transforms to a document of the unknown New Moscow. YK