This programme carries on the two 2012 sequences which presented young artists, some of whom were still students. Sophie Valero and Laura Haby were involved in these programmes and have returned with new films. New artists are waiting to be discovered.

Elise Vandewalle

Negative site

2011, 7 mn 10

Dans Negative Site, une danse érotique s’instaure entre le danseur et la caméra. Celle-ci effleure son sujet à travers l’écran noir que porte le danseur et qui vient occulter l’image. L’absence de vision créée le désir et charge érotiquement les images données à voir au spectateur. EW

Laura Haby


2012, 5 mn

It is winter and there is a whiff of something akin to a slight aroma of anxiety. On a November day, a forest ranger whom I met said he had lost time’s thread, the slow rhythm of the woods. I produce visions, spatial frames, taken from an autobiographical repertory crystallized by video and painting, in order to try and show their subtle and autonomous essence. LH

Louise Deltrieux

Lutra, lutra

2011, 9 mn 49

In the footsteps of the self-taught naturalist Christian Bouchardy, himself in the footsteps of the European otter (Lutra lutra), on the banks of the river Sioule, in the Auvergne. The distinctive feature of the otter is that it is invisible and thereby makes everything around it visible, by greatly increasing the attention of anyone tracking it. The naturalist’s quest is almost futile, because meetings with the animals only happen very exceptionally. From footprints to the otter’s droppings, just like the investigator puts himself in the criminal’s shoes, the naturalist has to put himself in the otter’s to be able to follow it. And the artist looking for his flee(t)ing subject becomes that subject himself. If no otter is spied, it will become a subject. You must always have a plan B. LD

Sophie Valéro

La Rivière Inversée

2012, trailer

With a guide and a group, we visit a cave turning progressivly into darkness. The guide compares the visit and her past as a projectionnist in a cinema. Our path crosses caves explorers looking for a mysterious glacier. At the end, the guide describes us the river that once has been there, from time immemorial, and that created the cave as a reversed shape. The topics of oblivion and persistance echoes in the different places of the cavern. SV