Ce programme poursuit les deux séquences de 2012 qui présentaient des jeunes artistes dont certains étaient encore étudiants. Sophie Valero et Laura Haby faisaient partie de ces programmes et reviennent avec de nouveaux films. De plus de nouvelles artistes sont à découvrir. Elles participent toutes à l’exposition du même nom à l’Espace Croisé : www.espacecroise.com.

Lucie Deschamps


2012, 4 mn 17

The careful gestures of workers are brought to the making of a piece of furniture. The sound track (whistling, rubbing, blowing…) is mixed with the sound of the machinery. It is with a demure approach that the camera films this production line. To start with, we don’t know what is being made, the object is revealed at the end. LD

Arnaud Dezoteux et Nicolas Siuda

Chronique d’une invasion reptilienne

2012, 4 mn

Warning! Warning! We have forever been enshrined in a matrix, devised by invisible reptilian forces, which have been controlling humankind for millennia. Nowadays, we are at the dawn of a new age: reptiles will take over. Invisibility is a thing of the past, it is time for them to reveal themselves and be done with humans. In France, they make the most of the summer truce to infiltrate the new government—already deficient in terms of political action— and set up a relay antenna on top of Montmartre. This document brings together the proof of an invasion on the move and a reptoid determination, which, later on, meta-historians will call The Putsch of the Lizards. AD & NS

Rémi Fouquet


2012, 17 mn

Sixteen-year-old Emma is at high school. Surfing the Internet, with her desires and feelings, we spend three days with her in her private zone. We see her relations with others: her parents, her friends, and her virtual contacts. What place does she have among them? RF

Gaëlle Cintré

Maladresses et embarras

2012, 8 mn

Looking at the camera, a young man comes clean and tells a series of little stories of clumsiness and embarrassment which he seems to collect. A cactus, a corkscrew, a moustache, and underwater goggles, all these props are perhaps just so many pretexts for inventing these tales. GC

Olivier Pierre Jozef


2012, 30 s, trailer

Bockspringen is a training sequence for leapfrog, between two men. Made in Salzburg, in an intimate setting, this video shows an absurd and impossible attempt to communicate between these two characters. Shot and then edited over a short sound track taken from Michael Haneke’s film The Seventh Continent, it quotes and appropriates a certain idea of “incommunicability which kills”. My videos are “training performances”, meaning kinds of instructions for performances to be given. This trailer shows the end of the 2-minute video clip which is presented in an installation, in the exhibition Shadow Line at the Espace Croisé. OPJ